Ten Years of Delivering Results for U.S. Dairy Farmers

Barb O'Brien
Posted 07/17/2018 by Barbara O'Brien

For the past 10 years, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has helped to advance dairy farmer interests throughout the value chain. Read on and you’ll see the work that is being done to assert U.S. dairy’s position and to build trust in and demand for dairy on your behalf.


WE Are Undeniably Stronger

Stronger Together
Posted 07/05/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

One of my goals as Chair of Dairy Management, Inc. is to promote unity among ourselves as moving forward is not nearly as productive if we cut each other off at the knees. Another goal is to better communicate the checkoff story to farmers who are not involved or familiar with what’s happening at DMI.



Consumer trends shift communication model

Shifting Consumer Trends
Posted 07/01/2018 by Tom Gallagher

I’m sometimes asked by dairy farmers why they no longer see the checkoff’s advertising on television like they used to. Television advertising certainly is a mass marketing tool, but it is limited to a one-way push of information. Today’s consumer seeks two-way engagement, so they can build trust and an authentic connection with their favorite brands and the people behind the products . . . such as dairy farmers.


Collaboration Creates Impact

Dairy Sustainability Awards 2018
Posted 06/27/2018 by Barbara O'Brien

Dairy farmers created the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy 10 years ago as a forum to bring together leaders from across the value chain. Today, the Innovation Center has grown to include hundreds of representatives from dairy companies and organizations that work together to discuss, collaborate and align on pre-competitive topics impacting the dairy community.