Unity abounds during these unprecedented days

Innovation Center for US Dairy
Posted 03/25/2020 by Marilyn Hershey

I’d be hard-pressed to find a time when solidarity mattered more in my lifetime. Not just for our country, but for our dairy industry. We’ll only get through these challenging times if we stick together and support one another.

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Pockets of success and reasons for optimism

Posted 02/03/2020 by Marilyn Hershey

I do not like seeing neighbors and friends across the country exit the industry. We’ve faced unprecedented economic hardships the last few years and it’s forced some farmers to make their most unimaginable nightmare come true.

To make matters worse, we see headlines that speak of an industry in trouble amid two high-profile processor bankruptcies, and activists seemingly around every corner looking to disparage the way we farm and the products we produce. 

I wish it could be as easy as saying to simply look away from the noise and stay focused on the things you can control, namely your farm and your family. But it sometimes becomes deafening and it’s hard to drown out.

Having said that, I want to start with a deep-breath moment: our dairy industry isn’t dying. 

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Checkoff-funded Dairy Research Centers Are Dairy's Secret Weapon

Dairy Research Centers
Posted 11/13/2019 by Marilyn Hershey

Did you happen to catch the results of the recent World Cheese Awards? The U.S played the role of disruptor with our specialty cheesemakers claiming 131 medals. But the biggest breakthrough moment came when -- for the first time ever -- a U.S. cheese took home the title of world champion. Rogue Creamery’s Rogue River Blue from Oregon beat more than 3,800 entries from 42 countries!

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Remembering Dean's passion for promotion, all things dairy

Dean Strauss
Posted 10/21/2019 by Marilyn Hershey

This is the blog I never imagined I would write. It probably is why I have delayed it for weeks. But for Dean’s honor, I need to just sit and let the words come out. I first met Dean Strauss at a Land O’Lakes meeting when his friend Jeff Straussburg introduced us. Dean was being appointed to the Dairy Management Inc. board as an advisor from Wisconsin. 

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Newtrient – a Powerful Tool and Resource for Dairy Farmers in Demonstrating Dairy’s Positive Environmental Impact

Newtrient Cost Benefit
Posted 04/05/2019 by Marilyn Hershey

More than ever, people are asking questions about their food. Not just about where their food comes from, but how it is produced, who is taking care of the animals, when was it produced in comparison to when it hits the shelf and what is being done at the farm level to help the environment. 

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Creating Future Dairy Champions - A Farmer's Perspective on Fuel Up To Play 60

Posted 03/11/2019 by Marilyn Hershey

As farmers, we often hear about our health and wellness program, Fuel Up to Play 60, but today we will hear firsthand from a program director. 

We know the program impacts and influences children in 73,000 schools across the country. We know FUTP 60 is a partnership between National Dairy Council and the National Football League and we know it optimizes dairy. However, rarely have we had the opportunity to hear from someone who has everyday involvement.  

Even more special – Bet Howrigan is a dairy farmer. I thought you might enjoy hearing her experience with FUTP60 and seeing how passionate she is.

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Don't Be Distracted From GENYOUth's Mission

Posted 01/17/2019 by Marilyn Hershey

My father-in-law is a former politician who used to hold two types of fundraisers. One was a basic pig roast that wasn’t too expensive and designed for one group of people. The other was held at a restaurant and he invested a little more money to appeal to another group.

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Fluid Milk Needed A Spark And fairlife Provided It

Posted 01/02/2019 by Marilyn Hershey

There are few farmer meetings or conversations where the state of fluid milk doesn’t come up. The category has been in decline for longer than any of us care to remember and farmers are understandably looking for a ray of hope.

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Bringing More Dairy to More People through Our Partnership with McDonald's

Posted 11/26/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

As I mentioned in my blog from last month on Domino’s, a key priority of the checkoff plan is the work that we do together with our partners that represent the leading food service and retail brands both here in the U.S. and globally.  Our investment includes providing partners like Domino’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut – with consumer insights, product development and nutrition expertise to develop new menu choices that include dairy and that in turn, find new markets for farmers’ milk. 

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Farmers Take U.S. Dairy Checkoff Program's Global Vision to Japan, Hong Kong

Posted 11/02/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

Today I am headed to Hong Kong and Japan with three other dairy farmers as part of a week-long mission to bring U.S. Dairy’s export vision to these two important Asian markets.  Read more about our planned trip in my blog post on USDEC’s site.