Bringing More Dairy to More People through Our Partnership with McDonald's

Posted 11/26/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

As I mentioned in my blog from last month on Domino’s, a key priority of the checkoff plan is the work that we do together with our partners that represent the leading food service and retail brands both here in the U.S. and globally.  Our investment includes providing partners like Domino’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut – with consumer insights, product development and nutrition expertise to develop new menu choices that include dairy and that in turn, find new markets for farmers’ milk. 

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Farmers Take U.S. Dairy Checkoff Program's Global Vision to Japan, Hong Kong

Posted 11/02/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

Today I am headed to Hong Kong and Japan with three other dairy farmers as part of a week-long mission to bring U.S. Dairy’s export vision to these two important Asian markets.  Read more about our planned trip in my blog post on USDEC’s site.


Farmers Find Connection Opportunities Through Undeniably Dairy

Posted 10/22/2018 by Beth Engelmann

Last Friday, we celebrated National Farmers Day – a time to recognize and thank dairy farmers for producing the nutritious foods that we enjoy. The day also was an opportunity to bring people closer to where their food comes from, which is a primary goal of the multi-year Undeniably Dairy campaign.

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Why Skeptical Farmers Should Embrace Dairy Exports

Dairy Exports 1 out of 7 Gallons
Posted 10/01/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

The Chester County Holstein Club’s Field Day is a summer highlight for dairy farmers in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania.  

We enjoy the food, our families, neighborly conversations, cow judging and a calf raffle. 

My husband Duane and I hosted the event this year. A skeptical farmer approached me in our barn’s milking area.

I embrace conversations like this. I jokingly tell people a little-known historical fact -- dairy farmers invented skepticism.

“I don’t think we need exports,” the farmer said. “We need to stop focusing overseas.”

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Dairy checkoff programs partners, strengthen farmers' voice

Posted 09/28/2018 by Tom Gallagher

For farmers and other members of the dairy community, the current environment is challenging. From unpredictability facing our global markets and competition from non-dairy beverages to seasonal weather conditions and surplus dairy products and ingredients, there’s a lot of uncertainty facing U.S. dairy.

Over the last several months, I’ve visited with many farmers across the country to learn more about the realities you face, as well as discussing solutions your national and local dairy promotion organizations can lead, help support or rely on others representing U.S. dairy to take the lead.

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National Dairy Council Brings Farmers' Voice to Changing Conversations About Nutrition

Posted 09/16/2018 by Jean Ragalie-Carr

There is a lot of consumer confusion today when it comes to understanding nutrition advice and what constitutes healthy eating.

At every turn, or rather every click of a website, the confusion seems to grow. A recent survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation illustrates what it calls a “dietary disconnect” among consumers. A staggering eight in 10 people feel there is conflicting information about what foods to eat or avoid.

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Domino's - An Undeniably Strong Partnership

Posted 09/14/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

During the past ten years, we have invested in partnerships with influential quick service restaurant companies. That investment includes providing these partners with consumer insights, product development and nutrition expertise to develop new menu choices that include dairy and that in turn, find new markets for farmers’ milk. Our four key partners – Domino’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut – have moved more than 2 billion equivalent pounds of milk in the duration of our work together. That’s a lot of milk flowing through this country.

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Reflecting on 10 years of Innovation Center Impact

Innovation Center
Posted 09/04/2018 by David DeJong

Texas dairy farmer David DeJong shares how the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has helped producers and the industry over the last 10 years.


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Consumers Are Confused About Food Production And Nutrition But Trust In The Hard Work of Dairy Farmers

Posted 08/27/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Dairy Experience Forum, an event put on by the State and Region staff and board of Midwest Dairy. The two days were packed with thought provoking speakers, but the atmosphere was really set with the opening presentation.

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Creating Future Dairy Champions

Posted 08/13/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

I am truly enjoying my new leadership role for dairy producers as National Dairy Council Chair. What an exciting year it has been so far. I recently attended three events back to back that I want to share with my fellow farmers. - Guest Post from Dairy Farmer and National Dairy Council Chairperson Audrey Donahoe

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Research is critical to dairy's future

Posted 07/23/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

Research is sometimes the unsung hero in the dairy checkoff program.  However, research is a very strong component in DMI’s plan and is critical for our future. The checkoff has research projects going on around the country in many different sectors, and I want to touch on a collaboration with solid and exciting research results.

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Ten Years of Delivering Results for U S Dairy Farmers

Barb O'Brien
Posted 07/17/2018 by Barbara O'Brien

For the past 10 years, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has helped to advance dairy farmer interests throughout the value chain. Read on and you’ll see the work that is being done to assert U.S. dairy’s position and to build trust in and demand for dairy on your behalf.

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WE Are Undeniably Stronger

World Milk Day 2018
Posted 07/05/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

One of my goals as Chair of Dairy Management, Inc. is to promote unity among ourselves as moving forward is not nearly as productive if we cut each other off at the knees. Another goal is to better communicate the checkoff story to farmers who are not involved or familiar with what’s happening at DMI.


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Consumer trends shift communication model

Consumer Trends
Posted 07/01/2018 by Tom Gallagher

I’m sometimes asked by dairy farmers why they no longer see the checkoff’s advertising on television like they used to. Television advertising certainly is a mass marketing tool, but it is limited to a one-way push of information. Today’s consumer seeks two-way engagement, so they can build trust and an authentic connection with their favorite brands and the people behind the products . . . such as dairy farmers.


Collaboration Creates Impact

Dairy Sustainability Awards 2018
Posted 06/27/2018 by Barbara O'Brien

Dairy farmers created the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy 10 years ago as a forum to bring together leaders from across the value chain. Today, the Innovation Center has grown to include hundreds of representatives from dairy companies and organizations that work together to discuss, collaborate and align on pre-competitive topics impacting the dairy community. 


I'm proud to carry forward checkoff's mission on behalf of our farmers

Posted 06/13/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

I’ve been involved with dairy promotion for as long as I can remember, even going back to my high school days with the dairy princess program in Pennsylvania. Promoting our industry and telling our story is my passion, whether I’m speaking at a local Rotary meeting, visiting a school or having people out to our farm.

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New Checkoff Chair Focused on Continuing the Momentum

DairyBusiness Marilyn Hershey Interview
Posted 06/05/2018 by Marilyn Hershey

As a member of the farmer board of Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), the organization that oversees the dairy promotion checkoff, I’ve seen some amazing things. The strides we’ve made in moving more of your dairy products here and around the world are long ones. I am dedicated to continuing that momentum for you as the board’s new chair.

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Industry-wide initiative off to undeniably great start

Posted 05/26/2018 by Beth Engelmann

June marks the kickoff of year two of Undeniably Dairy, a multi- year campaign designed to reignite consumers’ love for dairy while building their trust in the practices of the community – from farm to table.

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