Powerful Partnerships

Our partner strategy leverages the expertise and resources of others, while at the same time taking some of the risk and burden off dairy farmers and others who contribute to the program. Strategic partnerships focus on driving sales and building trust for dairy with leading companies and organizations in the following categories:

Targeted Partnerships

Targeted Partnerships

Working in partnership with influential, globally recognized companies such as McDonald’s®, Domino’s®, Taco Bell®, Pizza Hut®, KFC (add register mark), Darigold, Kroger, Shamrock Farms and others to drive product innovation and expanded use of nutrient-rich and/or great-tasting dairy products and ingredients.

Coalition Partnerships

Coalition Partnership

Partnering with world-class organizations such as the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Feeding America, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Field to Market, among others, to build trust through research and education, and through relationships that demonstrate and help advocate about dairy’s role in a healthy lifestyle and sustainable food system.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnership

Bringing together dairy farmers, cooperatives, branded companies and organizations to work collaboratively on issues and opportunities (including environmental stewardship, animal care and food safety) that no one entity can address alone.